Targeted preparations for European grants

Hringiða is a business accelerator for innovative companies and innovative projects within established companies and institutions based on the ideology of the circular economy. KLAK – Icelandic Startups manages the accelerator and focuses on systematic preparation for European grants such as LIFE and Horizon Europe. The accelerator runs for eight weeks from April 25 to June 15 and is based on lectures and workshops as well as access to a wide network of mentors from the business sector as well as domestic and foreign experts. 

Learn about the arrangements of Dial-Up 

Hringiða will invite all interested parties to a morning coffee in Grósku on 29 March where the arrangements of the accelerator will be reviewed. The accelerator's detailed schedule and the benefits of participating will be reviewed. Representatives of Dial will pose for answers and answer questions from interested parties about the ideology of the circular economy. 

KLAK – Icelandic Startups encourages start-ups and innovative projects of companies and institutions based on the ideology of the circular economy to apply. The application deadline is April 4. Applications are accepted here on the Vortex website.

Suitable for companies that are in full operation

Up to ten teams will be selected for the accelerator, starting on April 25 with a joint meeting of participants and the accelerator's steering group, as well as the accelerator leaders being introduced and their roles clearly. Select leaders will provide counselling and guidance to participants through the accelerator. 

The ring arrangement is based on layups from Inspiralia. Inspiralia is a Spanish customer-oriented company for entrepreneurs and start-ups specializing in applications for European grants. Inspiralia will thoroughly review all aspects for LIFE applications at lectures and in workshops, but there will also be a clear approach to other EU sponsorship programmes. Inspiralia experts will arrive in the country at the end of the accelerator and take advisory meetings with all participants. 

The program takes place after noon on Mondays and before noon on Tuesdays and the accelerator will take place in the premises KLAK in Gróska and also at the sponsors of the accelerator where participants will get to know their diverse activities. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to take part in various events and conferences related to the circular economy.