700 people filled Gróska on Gullegg's scientific trip

Over 700 people filled Gróska's pedestrian street during Gulleggin's science trip in the days where Sprite Zero Klan and Háski enraged the people.

The science trip began with a presentation of the entrepreneurial competition Gulleggin in Gróska's hall, where Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir, managing director of KLAK - Icelandic Startups, reviewed the implementation of the competition and practical issues regarding participation. It was outgoing mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson who made everyone present stop their ears when he encouraged university students not to be afraid to make their dreams come true and take the leap into the Icelandic startup community by participating in Gulleggin, but the city of Reykjavík has been a sponsor of the competition for many years. Alma Dóra Ríkarðsdóttir, entrepreneur and co-founder of the start-up company HEIMA, then went over the process of HEIMA, which was little more than an idea on a napkin when it received the Golden Leg in 2020, but is now a fully-fledged app with tens of thousands of users.

A crowd and many people had gathered outside the festival hall when the presentation ended, but before Sprite Zero Klan and Háski did everything wrong in the square in Gróska, there was a chat with the sponsors of Gullegg, who lit up the pedestrian street of Gróska with signs and giant screens.

"We are extremely proud of our science trips at KLAK - Icelandic Startups, but for several years now we have held huge science trips to market Gulleggið, which have established themselves as one of the most popular events among the students of Iceland's universities. Now the idea competition itself takes place. We are accepting registrations for Gullegg's Masterclass until Saturday night, or until 23:59 January 19, but participation in the Masterclass is necessary to be able to submit an idea to the competition. The goal of the Masterclass is to develop an idea and create a presentation that allows you to take the next step. 10 teams are then selected for the Gullegg's final competition, which will take place in Gróska's festival hall on February 9. " says Magnús Daði Eyjólfsson, Gullegg's project manager. 

Gullegg's sponsors are Landsbankinn, the University of Iceland, the University of Reykjavík, the University of Akureyri, Bifröst, Brunnur Ventures, CCEP, Controlant, Crowberry Capital, Eyrir Venture management, Frumtak, Gróska ídaðahús, Héðinn, Hugverkastofa, Íslandstofa, KPMG, Kvika eignatyring / Iðunn, Marel, Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate, Technology Development Fund, Össur, Reykjavík City, Orkusalan,

The KLAK team reminds you to register for the competition on the front page of Gullegg. registration ends at midnight January 19th!

Published on Smartlandi mbl.is 18012024