Business accelerators
and workshops
for entrepreneurs

KLAK helps entrepreneurs realize their ideas, increases the number of start-up companies based on ingenuity and thus increases sustainable value creation in Iceland. We help startups grow domestically and internationally by accelerating their development and connecting them with experts, investors and other key players. Klak has long since established itself as a key player in the supportive environment for innovation in Iceland and strives to be a leading force in the grassroots of the entrepreneurial community.

Freyr and sunna at KLAK - Icelandic Startups

Start-up process

There are many ways to start a business. We have considered the way to draw attention to how powerful the supportive environment for innovation is in Iceland. By relying on the start-up process, entrepreneurs can easily apply for appropriate funding and support at each stage of development.

Financing environment
of startups

There are various ways for startups to finance their projects.

Business accelerators
VC funds