Sustainable communities in focus in Lush

Hringiða, Nordic Circular Hubs and the Ocean Cluster held a seminar with the Nordic countries' leading experts in the implementation of a circular economy in Iceland in Grósku on 10 May to increase co-operation between Nordic entrepreneurs, investors and municipalities to promote a more sustainable society.

It is important to respond to the call for naturalised solutions to the environmental problem.

Krístín Soffía Jónsdóttir, Managing Director Klak – Icelandic Startups opened the seminar in Grósku's auditorium and the speakers were experts from Linköping University, EYDE cluster in Norway, Kalundborg Symbiosis in Denmark and Finnish the SITRA Innovation Fund, to name but a few. Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavík, addressed the guests and said that the decisions that will be made today and next year are the most important in shaping the future.

After a seminar, the entrepreneurial companies at Hringðu presented their activities and met with the Nordic experts. This year's participants are the companies e1, GreenBytes, Aluminiumvit, Plogg-In, Ýmir Technologies, Sidewind and Snerpa Power.

"This was an invaluable opportunity for our companies to better connect with the Nordic countries. Iceland is a small market and the climate crisis is big. With a stronger conversation, we increase the momentum toward success." Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, Project Manager of Hringðu.

The Nordic experts who gave talks at The Lush Festival Hall

Murat Mirata is an associate professor at Linköping University where he teaches the introduction of a circular economy. He has a PhD in Environmental Management and Policy.

Christophe Pinck and Stine Skagestad are experts in the circular economy at Eyde Cluster in Norway, which specializes in the sustainable processing industry in relation to aluminium, among other things.

Per Møller is the development manager of circular systems at Kalundborg Symbiosis in Denmark. Per Møller has a Ph.D in biochemistry and has overseen a number of circular economy-related projects both in Denmark and internationally. 

Magnus Persson is an international project manager at Paper Province in Sweden. Paper Province is a leading business class in the forest bioeconomy.  

Nani Pajunen is a leading expert in sustainable solutions at SITRA, Finnish innovation fund. Nani is specialized in industry transition towards a circular economy focusing on new business opportunities and attitudes from investors and owners.