10 teams are participating in Sjjallräði 2022


Cultivating future buildings: Icelandic hemp concrete and its potential applications.


Fort counteracts the acceleration of the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength (acute-sarcopenia) in patients who are bedridden in hospital for a long time with a special leg press to maintain muscle strength.

Ring mushrooms

Ring mushrooms grow mushrooms in an ecological way, close to consumers, with a unique circular economy solution.

Creators of ideas

The project Hugmyndasmiðir educates kids about innovation and highlights examples of entrepreneurs of all genders, ages, fields and parts of Iceland. The aim of the project is to promote the entrepreneurial skills of children and encourage them to create solutions for the future.

The leaf

Laufið is a new digital platform with practical tools and an incentive system that guides companies and consumers on the path to a greener and more sustainable society.

Our world

Our world works for the benefit of children who have parents with mental health problems.

On To Something

On to Something (OTS) is a global e-commerce platform where leftovers are bought and sold.


Orb develops technology to measure the carbon sequestration of forests in an inexpensive and accessible way to promote responsible carbon offsets and the production of certified carbon units.

Sara, a girl with ADHD

The goal of Sara, the ADHD girl, is to draw the attention of children and those closest to them to the different manifestations of ADHD in girls and boys. We want to do our part so that the "lost girls" get the attention, help and understanding they need.


A high-tech greenhouse with a focus on the circular economy.