Sprotar in Hringiða receives funding from the Design Fund

The start-up companies Arctic Fibers and Flöff - Textílvinnarsa, which participate in Hringiða, received funding from the previous allocation from the Design Fund, which took place on March 22. Arna Sigrún Haraldsdóttir from Velja, who is also in the business accelerator Hringiðu, received a grant, but for a different project. 

Arctic Fibers received ISK 1,000,000. strength.

Arctic Fibers is research and development of methods to transform the best plant fibers in Iceland, especially lupine, into materials for textiles, the construction industry and papermaking with the aim of establishing a small factory in Iceland.

Flaff – Textile processing received ISK 1,500,000. strength.

Flöff textile processing plans to establish Iceland's first textile recycling center and thereby create value from previously unused textile waste. Flöff uses machine power in the recycling process and designs unique products from recycled textiles for the Icelandic market, thus contributing to a circular economy.

Arna Sigrún Haraldsdóttir from Velja is in Hringiðu, but she received a grant for another project, "Needs analysis of clothing for the physically challenged". received ISK 1,000,000.

Clothing for people with reduced mobility sometimes has to be subject to different laws than that for non-disabled people. Prototypes of garments that are adapted to the needs of a woman with multiple disabilities have been made, and a deeper needs analysis and continued product development will now take place.