Sprotar presents solutions to society's challenges

Entrepreneurs who accepted the challenge of finding solutions to pressing social problems will take the stage in Gróska's festival hall and present their solutions in front of a sitting panel, Svána Gunnarsdóttir from Frumtak and Kristján Schram from Instrument. Taking the stage are Hugmyndasmiðir, Ylur, BioBuilding, Orb, Fort, On To Something, Hringvarmi, Laufið and Sara – a stepdaughter with ADHD.

Startups under the guidance of the community accelerator, Snjallræði in collaboration with MIT designX have been working hard to perfect their solutions to society's challenges since August. The founders of the start-up companies tackled different aspects of the development of their start-up company, from needs and stakeholder analysis, design of a sustainable business model, prototype creation and budgets to networking and presentation.

The results of the work will be shown in Gróska's festival hall on December 7th, an event that is open to all who are concerned with society's challenges, where we will hear future solutions to society's call for change. 

"The sprats who will now appear in front of this excellent panel in Gróska's festival hall have undergone a great and strict navel examination, but the challenges of society is a challenging issue. I am very excited for the final day of Snjallræði, but it has not been forgotten that these founders are passionate about social change” says Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, Snjallræð project manager.

The beginning of everything is to educate and inform about the various social problems that we have to deal with, but the startups have taken the step even further, from having the core of their solutions to presenting them. The process is long and rigorous, but KLAK assumes responsibility by promoting positive changes in all areas and all aspects of society by encouraging start-ups to find solutions in the community accelerator Sjjallräði.

Svafa Grönfeldt at MIT designX has followed and guided the start-ups with education and advice since Sjallräði started. The startups have also recruited other experts from MIT designX, but the American entrepreneur Yscaira Jimenez came to Iceland and shared her knowledge in the workshops of Snjallræði, which is the focus of the accelerator. The startups have also received the loyal help of mentors from the Icelandic business community, who have played a certain key role from the beginning and have given the founders additional opportunities to expand and prosper.

The community accelerator, Snjallræði, managed by KLAK and Höfða Peace Center, has invited startups at various levels to constructive workshops in Snjallræði, sponsored by Origo, Reykjavíkurborg, Landsvirkjun, Marel, Deloitte, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and HVÍN.