Managers told of the mess on Messy Night

Startup SuperNova Masterclass starts at the end of June, so it was called Messy Night, where business founders told of the mess they encountered in starting a new business. About 70 Galvasian guests attended Kex Hostel to listen to Svein Biering, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grow and Investor, Helga Waage, Managing Director and co-founder of Mobilitus, Stefán Baxter, founder and CEO of Quick Lookup, Guðmundur Árnason, CFO of Controlant, Magnús Árnason, Managing Director of Digital Development at Nova. 

Messy Night is well known abroad and is establishing itself in Iceland, where individuals from the business community report mistakes that have been made in their careers. Such an event is a lot of fun and known for its spurious and witty stories that can be absurd. All the fun comes with some seriousness, so these stories are for others to learn from and a good reminder that not everything goes smoothly. The red thread was a good organization of the company and not too complicated a business plan. Many entrepreneurs who have had great success are more often than not the ones who have made the biggest mistakes. Those who appeared on the evening at Biscuits talked about the importance of choosing a good team that is central to the journey the company is going on. Aside from looking closely at the domestic and foreign markets, the founders should draw up an appropriate plan for an already inflated atmosphere and also when the company gets an increased burden under the sails.

Startup SuperNova is a collaboration between Klak – Icelandic Startups and Nova where ten start-ups get help in building business solutions. Participation in Startup SuperNova aims to accelerate the progress of companies and make them a considered investment option. Participants receive education and training in the development of their business ideas and access to a team of leading professionals, including experienced entrepreneurs and investors.