Controlant becomes the sponsor of Gullegg 2023

Controlant won Gulleggið in 2009 and now comes in as a sponsor of Gulleggið 2023, the biggest entrepreneurial competition in Iceland, thus giving back to the innovation and entrepreneurial community in Iceland.

Controlant knows firsthand how important it is to support start-ups and entrepreneurs, but in 2009 Controlant won the Gulleggið and the recognition gave the founders enormous motivation to continue building the company and implement their ideas.

Since then, Controlant has grown and prospered, and today the company employs around 420 people in five countries developing, manufacturing and servicing monitoring solutions used by the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to ensure that medicines and vaccines reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Controlant has won many awards and accolades, both at home and abroad, including Vaxtarsprotann 2022 for the strong development of a start-up company, the Export Award of the President of Iceland 2021 and the Innovation Award of Iceland 2020.

Continued growth is expected in the coming years as there has never been a greater need for safe, efficient and traceable transport of sensitive medicines with sustainability and waste minimization as a guiding principle.

This year, Controlant celebrates its 15th anniversary and is happy to be able to support entrepreneurs who want to bring their ideas to life.

Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO and one of the founders of Controlant:

"It was a huge motivation for us to get the Gullegg at the time. We were then a traditional start-up with very few employees, little or no income but big ideas that we wanted to make a reality. Following the recognition and support from Rannís, the ball started rolling as we were able to attract great people and investors to pursue the big ideas. We are happy to now be able to give back and support the innovation community in Iceland, which is an extremely important ground for the entrepreneurs of the future."

Kristín Soffía Jónsdóttir, managing director of KLAK – Icelandic Startups:

"Let's not forget that Controlant is the first sponsor of Gullegg to win the entrepreneur competition. Controlant is the company we refer to when we talk about the success of Gullegg, and it is very important for us to get them in as a sponsor. They not only provide the competition with financial support, but they bring in experience and knowledge that will definitely bring us more powerful Gulleggs."