Grilled in Startup SuperNova BBQ & Pitch in Lush

The pioneers and backers of Startup SuperNova grilled on top of the enthusiastic innovation in Lush to the great acclaim of the attendees. The invitation was made to the so-called BBQ & Pitch, where participants in the business accelerator Startup SuperNova presented their start-ups with a one-minute lift presentation. Startup SuperNova is a collaboration between Icelandic Startups and Nova, which seeks to build business solutions intended for international markets.

One of the grill masters, Margrét Tryggvadóttir, CEO of Nova, grilled delicious burgers on top of the crowd as if there were no tomorrow. Nova is the main sponsor of Startup SuperNova and it should be noted that Margrét is the second woman in Iceland to head a company on the Icelandic Stock Exchange, while Nova was listed on the Nasdaq Iceland Stock Exchange on 21 June and today presents her first quarterly results.

Next to Margrét at the grill stood Svana Gunnarsdóttir, another owner and CEO of Frumtak, Kristján Schram of Instrúment and the entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Plaio, Jóhann Guðbjargarson, stood watch as the only one is singing.

"At Nova, we want to make a good impact on society and be a leader in technological change and then from social change with the advent of technology. Nova loves great ideas and we certainly want to be involved in bringing the ideas of the future to life. We have focused on innovation within Nova as well as supporting the grassroots and Startup SuperNova is a great platform where participants have the opportunity to express their ideas." says Margrét Tryggvadóttir, CEO of Nova.