Hringiða has officially started in Gróska

Hringiða 2022 - group photo of the teams

Hringiða officially started on April 25, and the participants were invited to Klak - Icelandic Startups' in-house meeting in Gróska, where Hringiða's project managers reviewed the accelerator's eight-week program. Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, one of the people who manages the project on behalf of Klak, explained in detail all the main points and the participation was officially sealed with contracts.

Agility Power

"Snerpa Power activates large electricity users by automating load planning and the best offer generation inn on the market with system services. The company thus improves the utilization of energy resources, reduces power shortages and increases the competitiveness of the electricity market."


"Imagine the world without trash. At Plogg-In we want to encourage increased environmental awareness. With better IT tools and stronger communication systems, we can make the whole map green!."


"Reduce food waste and increase profits with GreenBytes – a restaurant planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to predict upcoming sales and make recommendations on what a restaurant should be ordering for the coming days."


"Sidewind aims to produce wind turbines installed in open containers. The wind turbine containers can use the side wind, which would otherwise be wasted at sea, to generate electricity for cargo ships."

Álvit ehf. (erosion)

"Álvit ehf. is developing a new environmentally friendly collar for aluminum electrolysis vessels and in the process developing an environmentally friendly successor to coal tar pitch, which releases carcinogenic substances when heated."


"e1 is the Airbnb for electric car charging stations. With the e1 app or the key, electric car owners should have access to all charging stations that may be owned by individuals, housemates, companies or institutions."


"Various Technologies specializes in developing and producing solutions that turn waste into value. This is based on patented processes that prioritize profitable sustainability and compliance at an affordable price."

The accelerator is managed by Klak, who for many years has provided assistance in the development of business ideas and brought together a group of stakeholders with value creation as a guiding principle. This is the first time that Iceland participates in the LIFE program, and therefore Klak will be closely cooperating with Inspiralia from Spain, who are experts in European grants.

To the project stand Energy provider Reykjavík, The Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate, City of Reykjavík, Garbage, Terra, Faxafló ports, Industry Association and The beer.