The circular economy at Reykjavík City Hall

Klak – Icelandic Startups held an event at Innovation Week where representatives of start-up companies presented what solutions they would see in accelerating the implementation of the circular economy in Iceland. There was a house filler in Tjarnarsalur Town Hall of Reykjavíur where representatives of the start-ups participated in Shark Tank, each of which was given three minutes to present the ideas of the Sunnis, and they then had to answer the difficult questions of two "sharks", Margrét Ormslev Ásgeirsdóttir, chief investment officer at Brunni Ventures, and Gest Pétursson, a solitary Pyxis, about the projects.

There was also a roundtable where media commentator Gisli Marteinn Baldursson spoke to Minister for the Environment Guðlaug Þór Þórðarson, investor Bala Kamallakharan and Ragnheiður Magnúsdóttir, a specialist on the cycle economy.

The accused went far and wide on the greenisation of the world and how to accelerate the implementation of the circular economy in Iceland and promote a sustainable society. All the start-ups were highly praised by everyone at the roundtable and hopes are high for further developments in the field. The start-ups involved in the shark cage were Snerpa Power, Sidewind, AluminumVit, Ýmir Technologies, GreenBytes, Plogg-Inn and e1.

Posted in Morgunblaðið on May 21, page 11

 "It's great to see green tech entrepreneurs finally thinking on a bigger scale than ever and showing ambition abroad. These kinds of accelerators and events help them take the next steps and accelerate the technology's reaching the market. There is a great deal today with green solutions and Iceland should definitely be a model globally, providing a lot of experience and ingenuity in this area." Says Margrét Ormslev Ásgeirsdóttir, Chief Investment Officer at Brunni Ventures, and a mentor at Hringðu business accelerator with long experience in the energy and green industries.

Reference to Margaret Ormslev about the participation.