Lady Lava took advantage of Startup SuperNova's Mess Night

The doors of Nova's store were full at Startup SuperNova's Mess Night, but the event was part of Innovation Week. Famous veterans from the innovation environment shared funny stories of mistakes and blunders while building their startups. 

Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir, managing director of KLAK – Icelandic Startups and Sigurbjörn Ari Sigurbjörnsson, marketing director of Nova, opened the event to thunderous applause. The occasion was that applications for Superclass Startup SuperNova have been opened on the website of the business accelerator. This is the third time Klúðurvjöld has been held in connection with the Startup Supernova accelerator, but such events are well known abroad. 

The trial balls' blunders tickled the nerves of laughter in the packed hall, but Finnur Pind, founder and managing director of Treble Technologies, set the tone when he first stepped on stage and told funny stories about the development of Treble. Þorbjörg Helga Vigfúsdóttir, the founder of Kara Connect took over and took advantage when she told about various old mistakes and one brand new one. Georg Lúðvíksson, co-founder and former manager of Meniga then took the microphone and got everyone present to listen when his story was told.

Ragnhildur Ágústsdóttir, co-founder of Lava Show, or Lady Lava as many know her, struck a light chord when she told about the roller coaster ride of building the company. Lava Show's history began in 2016 in Iceland's biggest entrepreneurial competition, Gulleggin, and later that year the company took part in the Startup Reykjavík business accelerator.

"A good mistake can indeed be worth its weight in gold. The purpose of Mess Up Night is to increase tolerance for mistakes. If entrepreneurs do not dare to make mistakes, there will be no innovation. It was nice to see how well the experience balls reached everyone in the hall. It can be said that several of them have gone through business accelerators and Iceland's biggest entrepreneurial competition, Gulleggið, which KLAK oversees. 

We have opened applications for Superclass Startup SuperNova, which is a two-day free crash course in innovation. Attending the Superclass workshops is a requirement in order to apply to the Startup Supernova accelerator. We look forward to seeing as many entrepreneurs as possible in Gróska 6.-7. June.” Says Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir, manager of KLAK - Icelandic Startups.

Startup SuperNova is a collaborative project KLAK – Icelandic Startups, Nova and Huawei with support from A green house of ideasi where we strive to build business solutions intended for the international market.