Let's think of a clever idea!

We have the privilege of having a strong supportive environment in the field of innovation where individuals and startups can acquire practical knowledge by participating in accelerators and idea competitions. The discussion in society reflects a call for solutions for a better future for our children. In Hérland, there is a fertile environment and an incentive for innovation to come up with clever ideas. It is a privilege to be able to work on solutions that improve society and result in an increased quality of life.

In recent seasons, there has been a lot of growth in the start-up environment in Iceland and abroad. It can possibly be attributed to some strong growth in society, where various triggers for innovative projects about the future of society have come to light. 

Social challenges are of various kinds in modern society and one can wonder if we are part of the problem or part of the solution? It has been English to see obstacles without facing solutions. Then the question is whether we stop and think about the power of innovation. That power has shown itself in the welfare system in the vulnerable times of a pandemic, where we used technology, ingenuity and innovation to adapt at an astonishing speed to changing conditions. 

Society's challenges require ingenuity, for example the increasing age of the Icelandic population, lifestyle diseases, climate change and the state of war. The systems as they are built today with the available technology will not be able to support future generations and therefore the power of innovation must be harnessed to redesign and rethink what we do, how and why. 

Let's come up with something clever to face the challenges of today with innovation as a weapon.