Marel signs a contract with Snjallräði

Marel in Iceland have decided to step in as partners for the growth space (e.incubator) Sjjallräði and Ólafur Karl Sigurðarson on behalf of Marel signed an agreement with KLAK in which Marel undertakes to support the project with capital and know-how.

The Smart Intelligence growth space officially started on Tuesday, August 23, and the 10 teams that were selected are now in full swing developing their ideas and projects. Sjjallræði was founded by Höfða Friðarsetri in 2018, but is now run by KLAK – Icelandic Startups for the second time.

"We are really happy with the rapid increase in the number of companies that support the desire to support social innovation through Smart Intelligence. Marel is, of course, one of the coolest innovative companies in the country, and it contains invaluable knowledge that we hope to pass on to the teams that are taking their first steps in Sjjallräði, but of course intend to change the world for the better.
– Kristín Soffía Jónsdóttir, manager of KLAK

The goal of Snjallræðir is to support social innovation and thus encourage projects and entrepreneurs who contribute to positive social change through their innovation. Cleverness is run in collaboration with MIT DesignX, and this is the first year of a three-year collaboration, and it can be said that with this collaboration, the quality and knowledge within the Icelandic support environment for innovation is being increased.

"It is a real pleasure for us at Marel to support Sjjallräði, which supports powerful teams that are passionate about solutions to contemporary challenges. The philosophy is excellent, as teams receive education and training from both domestic and foreign experts in the field of innovation" – Ólafur Karl Sigurðarson, Marel's director of product development.