Masterclass Startup SuperNova launched in Groska

Masterclass Startup SuperNova was held recently in Gróska's festival hall, where all the main experts, professionals and entrepreneurs in Icelandic business life shared their knowledge and experience for start-up companies and people interested in the start-up environment. Magnús Scheving, an entrepreneur and entrepreneur, opened the event to great applause from the audience, setting the tone for what followed. 

One of the main entrepreneurial mentors in the country, Magnús Ingi Óskarsson, held an important lecture on how to accurately map the needs of prospective users before developing a solution to be sure that the solution will definitely suit the needs of the market and be successful.

"It is very nice to experience the great power that exists in the entrepreneurial environment and it was so well seen in the interest and energy of the participants today. The masterclass and the Startup SuperNova accelerator itself is a good platform for startups to meet professionals from the business world, build a network and manage to develop and develop their ideas quickly and safely. I wish I had access to this kind of environment when I was starting my entrepreneurial journey.” says Magnús Ingi Óskarsson, entrepreneur and mentor.

Magnús Árnason, director of digital development at Nova, gave a talk on the second day of the Masterclass, where he reviewed how the company has used diverse tools in its digital journey in a demanding market.  

"It was really gratifying to see over 60 start-ups participating in SuperNova's MasterClass and being ready to prioritize the scaling of their ideas. Nova started this project with Klak and Gróska precisely with the intention of giving such super minds explosive power to ferry their ideas around the world.”. Says Magnús Árnason, manager of digital development at Nova. 

Those who appeared at the Masterclass were Magnús Scheving entrepreneur and entrepreneur, Magnús Ingi Óskarsson entrepreneur and mentor, Þóra Hrund Guðbrandsdóttir co-owner and managing director of MUNUM, Erna Erlendsdóttir export manager of MS, Margrét Ormslev Ásgeirsdóttir co-owner of the index fund Brunni Ventures, Magnús Árnason manager of digital development at Nova . media marketing manager Stöðvar 2, Sigríður Heimisdóttir expert at Rannís and Sara Digné from Scaling School in Sweden.