Naked bodies interrupted broadcast in Masterclass

Masteclass Startup SuperNova is now taking place in Groska and is also live streaming. On this second day of the Masterclass, Magnús Árnason, Director of Digital Development at Nova, opened with an overview of NOVA's marketing strategy and their journey. When it came to NOVA's emphasis on mental health, Magnús threw up the advertisement Allir úr! which attracted a lot of attention in the last year, but there you could see naked bodies of all ages. It didn't go any better than that Facebook broke the broadcast and got a leg and fat.  

When asked about the incident, Magnús said that this was exactly what their satire had been about, social media exposed her nakedness at the same time as they censored her.

For those interested, it can be pointed out that the broadcast is now back on track and you can watch the Masterclass on startupsupernova.is today and tomorrow.