Registrations for Gulleggið 2024 are now open

Now you can register for Gulleggið 2024! Registrations for Gulleggið 2024 have opened and everyone with an idea (or no idea!) is encouraged to register.

Gulleggið is an entrepreneurial competition at the idea level that has been held by KLAK - Icelandic Startups since 2008. Gulleggið starts in January with an open Masterclass, where the goal is to develop an idea and create a presentation that allows you to take the next step. 10 teams are then selected for the Gullegg's final competition, which takes place in Gróska's festival hall. 

It is strongly emphasized that this is an idea competition and that the contestants must not have taken in capital in excess of 2 million ISK or started to have income from the idea.

Gulleggið has been a springboard for numerous Icelandic companies such as Controlant, Meniga, PayAnalytics, Genki, Taktikal and many others.