Open for registrations in Startup Supernova

Registrations for the business accelerator Startup SuperNova have been opened, but this is the third time the accelerator has been run, but it is managed by KLAK - Icelandic Startups. 

Nova is a sponsor of the accelerator, just like in previous years, but the accelerator has proven to be a successful springboard for start-ups, but examples of companies that have gone through are to form Lightsnap, Stubbur, PLAIO to name a few. 

This year, the accelerator will be run in a different format and will start with Masterclass Startups Supernova 2022, which will take place on June 23-25 in Gróska. The masterclass is open to all start-ups – only 200 seats will be available, but it will also be possible to watch live.

After the Masterclass, the participants will have the opportunity to compete to get further. The top ten start-ups then proceed to a 5-week business accelerator where there is a clear focus on developing the companies to become investment-ready and ready for the next step.

"We are really excited about these changes at Startup Supernova and believe that there we can reach a much larger group. We will have world-class entrepreneurs and experts sharing their experiences at the Masterclass. All those who are running a business or taking their first steps in starting a business will benefit greatly from the Masterclass Startup Supernova. The accelerator itself will be a real bomb, and there we are going to take in the very best startups in the country and graduate them as investment-worthy companies.", says Kristín Soffía, manager of Klak - Icelandic Startups.

"In the same way that it's great to be able to support the grassroots work of innovation in Iceland, it fills us with spirit and increased power to be close to the dynamic entrepreneurs we've gotten to know through the accelerators over the past two years who support Startup SuperNova. We see innovation as part of our DNA and our presence helps us keep that spirit alive. SuperNova is a fast track for smart, creative and profit-driven companies that plan to scale their business model beyond the borders of the country, it applies equally to small companies and large companies, and we encourage everyone with big ideas to apply for participation." – Magnús Árnason, director of digital development at Nova.