Record enrollment in Masterclass Startup SuperNova

The Startup SuperNova Masterclass, a preparatory course for the business accelerator Startup SuperNova, has never received more registrations. The accelerator is held annually by KLAK Icelandic Startups in collaboration with NOVA, but this year Huawei joined Startup SuperNova's group of sponsors.  

Masterclass Startup SuperNova 2023 was held on 22-23. June and nearly 60 start-ups registered for the game. The start-up companies followed in Gróska's festival hall or live streaming where experienced entrepreneurs, managers and experts from the business world shared their knowledge and experience. 

"There are very diverse and cool ideas that participated in this year's Masterclass. A variety of software solutions, including some based on artificial intelligence; project management tools, human resources solutions, teaching technology, tourism and cycle projects to name a few," says Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir, managing director of KLAK-Icelandic Startups.

The course was streamed and a recording of the stream is available below. In this way, entrepreneurs who could not attend the Masterclass can benefit from the guidance, inspiration and good advice from the experienced people who appeared there. 

Previous day – June 22: https://fb.watch/lt34OfYxwA/

Second day – June 23: https://fb.watch/lt2J-MgNAN/

All Masterclass participants have the opportunity to apply to the Startup SuperNova accelerator itself. Ten start-ups will then be offered a place in the accelerator and the lucky ones will be announced on July 20. 

Startup SuperNova has established itself as one of the main business accelerators in the country, and it will now be run for the fourth time this year, starting on August 9. The accelerator is a springboard for startups aiming for rapid growth and foreign markets. In addition, it is a unique platform for building relationships with people in the business world, experienced mentors and entrepreneurs who have key knowledge of the relevant technology or sector. It is worth mentioning some strong models from the start-up environment, such as Plaio, Swapp agency and Stubbur, who have celebrated success after participating in Startup SuperNova.