Six companies in Til Sjávar and Sveita 2021

Twenty applications were received for the business accelerator To the sea and the countryside 2021 which started on Monday 15 November and ended with harvest day on 10 December.

Twenty applications were received for the To the sea business accelerator, which was launched on November 15, 2021 and ended with a harvest date on December 10. The accelerator was run in a different format and the emphasis was placed on the market penetration of companies that are ready with a product or are well advanced in product development. The applications were very strong and it was decided to increase the number of participants from five to six.

The companies that were selected for To the sea and countryside 2021 were Glaciers, Sifmar (Kid body), MAR crisps, Naturally good, Nordic Wasabi and Feed.

The team at Næra uses a unique method in the production of healthy snacks with Icelandic ingredients.
Nordic Wasabi produces the rare and sought-after fresh wasabi grown in Iceland under environmentally friendly conditions.
Jökla is the first Icelandic cream liqueur that came on the market this year and has been a hit.
Naturally Good produces handmade Icelandic granola without any additives, added sugar or sweeteners.
Sifmar produces Krakkakropp, which is an extremely healthy Icelandic baby food that focuses on preventing food waste.
MAR crisps are ultra-thin hard fish flakes that have not been seen before on the domestic market. 

There was a lot of emphasis on connecting the companies with investors and other experts in the market. To the sea and the countryside is considered by many to be one of the most fun business accelerators available, as the companies are more often than not working with real products that they can show and let people taste. 

Sponsors To the sea and the countryside 2021 are The milk collection and Isey as well as Joint purchase who has supported the project in collaboration with The sea cluster, The agricultural cluster and Matís. The project is also supported by The Ministry of Business and Innovation

Freyr Friðfinnsson, project manager To the sea and countryside:We've seen over the years that companies make amazing progress in our accelerators, but when they end, something has to take over. Jökla participated last year and have brought a product to the market, and now they are facing new challenges such as scalability and marketing, which is exactly what we focus on in this version of Til omæra og sveita."

Tobba Marínós, founder and owner of Natural Good: "It is often complicated and even insurmountable to overcome the pain of interest when a small business gets off to a good start. There is an 80% year-on-year increase with us, but one product is not enough. What is the natural progression and how to prioritize for ideas to flourish and grow. At Náttúrulega Gott, we are ready with a whole product line, but we need to think about the next step. Our product is truly at home on the international stage, but what is the best way to start such a journey? Mom and I have a million ideas that we hope will turn into a clear action plan in the coming weeks with the help of the accelerator."