A superclass for startups with scalable business solutions

The business accelerator Startup SuperNova will start with a Superclass in the Sugar Hall in Gróska on June 6. Superclass are two days of free workshops and lectures for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate the progress of their startup and make it a promising investment option aimed at the international market. The application deadline for Superclass is midnight on Wednesday, June 5. 

"Startup SuperNova is one of the coolest business accelerators that we at KLAK - Icelandic Startups run every year in good cooperation with Nova and Huawei with support from Gróska ideokadahús. This year, teams developing solutions related to the telecommunications sector and 5G technology are particularly encouraged to apply. We look forward to working with the entrepreneurs on June 6-7, but you need to attend Superclass to be able to apply to the business accelerator itself"

The purpose of Superclass Startup SuperNova is to prepare startups that want to apply to the accelerator to make an 18-month action plan. 

"We have various experts and experienced people from the innovation environment, but among the speakers are Margrét Tryggvadóttir, CEO of Nova, Jason Zhangxiaoyu, Country Manager of Huawei Iceland and Tryggvi Þorgeirsson, Manager of Sidekick Health. We encourage everyone to apply for the Superclass on the Startup SuperNova website" says Magnús Daða Eyjólfsson, project manager of Startup SuperNova at KLAK - Icelandic Startups.