There is value in attending Gulleggið

Gulleggið - Gerður Arinbjarnadóttir, founder of Blush

"There is great value in attending such events, hearing stories from people who were once in the same shoes, having an idea in hand that made it a reality," says Gerður.

Made in Blush opens Gullegg's Masterclass, which will take place on January 21-22.

Gerður Huld Arinbjarnardóttir, who was among other things chosen as Market Person of the Year 2021, says that Gulleggið is a great platform for individuals and groups who have a passion and desire to start a business. Whether they have an idea or not. She says many people attend the event to meet other entrepreneurs and gain additional skills. The entrepreneur competition Gulleggið will take place for the 16th time with the Masterclass weekend 21 to 22 January. The masterclass takes place for the second time and is open to all those who register for Gulleggið.

Gulleggið is the biggest entrepreneurial competition in the country, but the competition has been held since 2007. Numerous companies have taken their first steps in Gulleggið, including Solid Clouds, Genki, Róró, Meniga and Controlant, which is one of the sponsors of this year's competition.

This year, special emphasis will be placed on connecting entrepreneurs and thus forming stronger teams that have the chance to win Gulleggið 2023. Almost 300 entrepreneurs registered for the game last year and there are already 59 teams registered this year, but the deadline to register is running out. out January 20.

Lecturers in Gullegg's Masterclass will, among other things, cover marketing, the financing environment, real stories of start-up companies, and all will sit in workshops with lecturers.

One of the main focuses of the Masterclass is teaching entrepreneurs to frame ideas in a good sales presentation. Entrepreneurs then have the opportunity to send in their presentation and try to become one of the 10 start-ups that compete for Gulleggið on February 10, live from Groska.

The main sponsor of Gullegg 2023 is Landsbankinn, which has been involved in the project from the beginning, but other sponsors include Controlant, Origo, HVIN, Reykjavíkurborg, Hugverkastofa, Advania, Marel, Eyrir Invest, Íslandstofa, Crowberry capital, KPMG, Ölgerðin, Brunnur, Kvika eignastilður, Gróska , Frumtak ventures, Vörður as well as the University of Reykjavík, the University of Akureyri and the University of Iceland.

Publication: Fréttablaðð, 3 January 2023