The first Snjallräðir mentors are introduced

KLAK has introduced a new arrangement within Snjallræð, an arrangement that will strengthen the relationship between teams and mentors. Such an arrangement is based on the philosophy of the MIT Venture Management Service and they have developed this arrangement for over two decades, but it is new here in Iceland.

A strong community of mentors who have accompanied KLAK in the accelerators over the years will provide the teams with important advice and will give everything a go during the Sjjallräði. With the new arrangement, mentoring groups will be formed consisting of three to five mentors, each team will be assigned a group that will follow them through the accelerator. Each team meets with their mentor group in 90-minute sessions four times during the season or once a month. 

KLAK's mentor community consists of experienced individuals from the business world who have a strong obligation to give back, promote innovation and progress. 

The first 18 mentors of Snjallræði will now be introduced, and more are yet to be added to the group.