Production in the circular economy

KLAK – Icelandic Startups invited to an event in Gróska on the occasion that the business accelerator Hringiða organized by Klak has now started its journey for the third time. The theme of the event was food production in the field of the circular economy, and guests were offered refreshments with products from the innovative company VAXA and Collab drinks from Ölgerðinn. 

Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, Hringiðu's project manager, opened the event to the great joy of those present in Gróska, but she welcomed everyone to listen to the first talk of the event. Andri Björn Gunnarsson from the innovative company and high-tech greenhouse VAXA gave a talk on the structure and future of VAXA, while new production technology was reviewed, i.e. vertical farming, so-called vertical agriculture that takes place indoors. 

Davíð Sigurðsson, brand manager at Ölgerðinn, one of Hringiða's backers, reviewed the product development of the drink, which is based on Icelandic ingenuity. It is a sugar-free drink with added collagen, made from by-products of Icelandic seafood, in collaboration with FEEL Iceland. 

The startups March Eco, Orb, RVK Tool Library memorabilia and Resea Energy performed at the event, but they are all participants in Hringiða. Digest, Alor and Bambahus who are also in the accelerator were at Nordanáttar's investor festival that took place on Siglufjörður on the same day. All of them have one thing in common: they are committed to solving environmental issues. 

The teams that presented their projects are as follows:

March Eco stands for Marine Ecological Solutions, but the goal is to work on environmentally friendly solutions in the production and use of fishing gear.

Orb develops technology to measure forest carbon sequestration in an inexpensive and accessible way to promote responsible carbon offsets and the production of certified carbon units.

RVK Tool Library memorabilia provides communities with fair and affordable access to utilities and other goods.

Resea Energy is a research and development company aiming at the production of biofuel from the waste from cultivated seaweed.

The accelerator is managed by KLAK, which for many years has provided assistance in the development of business ideas and brought together a group of stakeholders with value creation as a guiding principle. Hringiða's sponsors are the City of Reykjavík, the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate, Orkuveita Reykjavíkur, Faxaflóahafnir, Terra, Ölgerðin and the Swedish Confederation of Industry. Hringiða's partners are Rannís, Breið vejðurfélag, Evris, Sjávarklassinn, Grænvangur and Orkuklassinn.

Photographer: Eygló Gísla