Harvest festival of the beneficiaries of the Technology Development Fund in DAFNA

Sprota and Vasta scholarship recipients who received a grant from the Technology Development Fund in the spring days of 2022 gathered on the final day of Dafna in the festival hall of Gróska in the days. Freyr Friðfinnsson, Dafna's project manager, opened the event. The collaboration between the Technology Development Fund and Klak um Dafna, which offers offers to everyone who has received a Sprota- and Vaxtassyrk from the Technology Development Fund, was reviewed. 

Beneficiaries gave effective elevator pitches to the great cheers of those present, while those who were allocated in the autumn and recently started in Dafna's studios were also invited on the final day. 

Dafna is a joint project of the Technology Development Fund and HAPPY  and is intended for beneficiaries who receive support from the Sprota and Vexti grant categories in the spring and autumn distribution of the Technology Development Fund. KLAK oversees Dafna and grantees are offered participation in workshops in Gróska and access to mentors who assist grantees in their product development. The KLAK VMS mentoring community consists of experienced people from the business world and is built in collaboration with MIT, which has developed its mentoring system for over two decades.

The cooperation between the Technology Development Fund and KLAK will better support projects that are at different stages of the innovation chain, from concept work to projects with advanced product development. Dafna is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovative companies to succeed in the journey they are on. 

With the agreement, the Technology Development Fund is expanding its services to beneficiaries and thus establishing Dafna as a support system for start-ups that have received funding from the fund.