Start-ups receive allocations from the Technology Development Fund

KLAK – Icelandic Startups wishes all the entrepreneurs and start-ups who have gone through KLAK's business accelerators the best of luck with the allocation from the Technology Development Fund on June 2. All of them have attended lectures and workshops with prominent people from the Icelandic business life and the innovation environment and met with experienced mentors from the KLAK VMS community of mentors. 

It is worth mentioning that older startups who have attended KLAK's Dafna program over the years received a grant from the Technology Development Fund. Dafna is a workshop and mentoring program for Start-ups and Growth Grant recipients in collaboration with the Technology Development Fund.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all these cool startups and entrepreneurs who received an allocation this year.

The owners of KLAK are the University of Iceland, the University of Reykjavík, Origo, the Swedish Confederation of Industry and the Innovation Fund.


On to something ehf. (Call/Smart talk)

Orb ehf. (Call)

Sáltechnik ehf. (The Golden Egg 2023)

Innohealth ehf. (Intelligence)


Deed ehf. (Startup SuperNova)

Snerpa Power ehf. (Call)

Maul ehf. (Startup Reykjavík)

Atmonia ehf. (Gulleggið/Startup Energy)

Market development

Snerpa Power ehf. (Call)

Sundra ehf. (Startup SuperNova)

Icewind ehf. (Call)


Plaio ehf. (Startup SuperNova)

Thrive the program


Snerpa Power ehf. (Prosper)

Metria ehf. – SESAME (Dafna)

Arterna Biosciences ehf. (Prosper)

Market development

MT sport ehf. – Smart Timing (Dafna)

Snerpa Power ehf. (Prosper)

Sundra ehf. (Prosper) 

Surova ehf. (Prosper) 


Dine Out ehf. (Prosper) 

Kot software ehf. (Prosper)