Ingenuity MIT DesignX Presentation Session

Applications for Snjallræði will be opened on Wednesday, June 29, but Snjallræði will now take place for the fourth time. The change will now be made that instead of being an 8-week accelerator, Snjallräði will now be a 16-week growth space (e. incubator) in addition to the collaboration with MIT designX, and Snjallräði will therefore be a certified designX growth space. 

Höfdi Peace Center founded Snjallräði in 2018, and the goal of the project from the beginning has been to promote social innovation. This includes supporting teams that want to tackle societal challenges and build systems and solutions that include benefits for people and the environment and, consequently, for society as a whole. KLAK is in charge of the operation of Snjallräði now for the second time, but this is the first time that KLAK works with MIT designX. 

"We encourage entrepreneurs in the field of social innovation to apply for Sjjallräði, where there is a unique opportunity to grow, strengthen networks and gain new knowledge with the help of our skilled experts as well as the cool group that comes here from MIT designX" – Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, project manager of Snjallræð

There will be an open information session at the town hall on Friday morning, July 1st. The doors open at 8:30, but the program starts at 9, and the meeting will also be live streamed.


 9:00 Kolfinna Kristínardóttir, Snjallræð project manager, opens the meeting  

 9:10 Svafa Grönfeld presents MIT designX and the collaboration with Sjjallräði

 9:30 Panel with former participants of Snjallræði, led by Auðar Örlygsdóttir at Höfða peace center

10:00 End of meeting