KLAK attended the conference TechBBQ in Copenhagen

KLAK – Icelandic Startups attended TechBBQ, one of the most popular innovation and technology conferences in the Nordics these days, which took place in Copenhagen and over 40 Icelandic startups and funds participated in the conference.

TechBBQ attracts tech enthusiasts, startups and entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their network, meet with investors, companies and other professionals with the hope of creating opportunities for ongoing conversation. Investors are closely following the innovation scene in the Nordics and the Baltic States and are paying attention at the conference. Start-up companies therefore have a lot to do when connecting with parties who intend to contribute money to interesting projects. Despite our small size as Icelanders, we are prominent in the start-up community abroad, which is well noticed at events like this.

Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Minister of Universities, Industry and Innovation, also attended the conference, but she took part in a discussion about innovation in the main stage of TechBBQ. The Icelandic start-up companies úsem participated in the business accelerator Startup SuperNova, gave a pitch at the joint event of KLAK, Íslandsstofa and Innovation Week, which was Supernovas of Tomorrow. The sprats had the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Áslaug Örna, ministers Astrid, Synia, Skarpur, Stubbur, Sundra, Plaio, FitTales, Swapp Agency and Livey.