Record participation in Dafna after autumn distribution

Dafna 6, which is managed by KLAK – Icelandic Startups, starts on February 22nd for beneficiaries who were allocated Växt or Sprota from the Technology Development Fund on December 13th. There is a record participation in the workshops, but 38 companies will attend workshops in Dafna with experts from the business world and mentors from KLAK VMS. 

Between workshops, grantees are expected to work on practical projects that help them progress. Beneficiaries meet the mentors between workshops, and it is thus assumed that each beneficiary meets his or her advisory group four times. 

The mentoring arrangement is built in collaboration with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service and is based on the fact that each grantee receives two to four mentors with whom they meet regularly during the Dafna period. The beneficiary meets all his mentors at the same time and thus the beneficiary gets his own group of advisors. Dafna's goal is to increase the success of the companies that receive funding from the Technology Development Fund.