Origo increases support for innovation

Snjallræð's group of sponsors continues to grow, as Lóa Bára Magnúsdóttir, Origo's marketing director, signed a cooperation agreement with KLAK - Icelandic Startups, and Origo thus further increases its support for innovation in Iceland.

Origo has been part of KLAK's ownership group since the beginning and has for many years emphasized innovation in all its activities.

"We have defined innovation as one of the priorities in Origo's social strategy. We believe that it is through innovation and technology that the social problems of the future will be solved. Smart talk goes exactly to the point of supporting the United Nations' Global Goals. 

It has long favored women in innovation. But what is positive about Sjjallräði is that women entrepreneurs have fared well after participating in this program.

We look forward to supporting the projects in Snjallräði and welcome the involvement of MIT, which offers an ambitious platform for innovation."

says Lóa Bára Magnúsdóttir, marketing director of Origo.

Cleverness is a unique growth space (e. incubator) for innovative projects, from the concept stage to formed companies. Emphasis is placed on social innovation and the United Nations Global Goals. This spring, an agreement was reached with MIT DesignX for cooperation on Snjallräði, and the program will be carried out by and with experts from MIT DesignX who come to Iceland and hold workshops, therefore Snjallräði will be a certified DesignX growth space.

"It's nice to see Origo take their support even further and come in as a sponsor as well as being one of our owners. Origo will invest in the project, and they will bring in valuable knowledge and experience that will benefit the participants."

says Kristín Soffía Jónsdóttir, manager of KLAK

Applications were opened on June 29 and the application deadline is August 7. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are passionate about making the world a better place are encouraged to apply snjalraedi.is