Sparks flew at BBQ & Pitch

Sparks flew in all directions when the grill managers of Startup SuperNova met in Gróska and grilled hamburgers for 150 hungry entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups who had come to BBQ & Pitch. One of the larger events held by KLAK - Icelandic Startups, which is one of the main supporters of entrepreneurs and innovation in Iceland. The event is part of the Startup SuperNova business accelerator, a joint project between Nova and KLAK with the support of Huawei, where ten powerful startups strive to build business solutions for the international market. 

Margrét Tryggvadóttir, CEO of Nova, and Þuríður Björg Guðnadóttir, CEO of Nova Experience, who created the grill tongs, were standing by the flaming grill, together with Beatriz Garcia Martinez, Communications Director of Huawei, Vali Þór Gunnarsson, CEO and co-founder of Taktikal and Árna Blöndal, Investment Manager at Brunni Ventures.

"We have focused on innovation within Nova as well as supporting the grass roots. For us, Startup SuperNova is an important platform where participants have the opportunity to present the ideas of the future. Events like BBQ & Pitch and other events at Startup SuperNova also create fun opportunities to group people together in innovation, form connections and share experiences," says Úríður Björg Guðnadóttir, manager of NOVA experiences.

Vali Þór Gunnarsson, executive director and co-founder of Taktikal and grill master of Startup SuperNova is quoted:

"Taktikal started road shows in Gulleggin (which is managed by KLAK) and it is therefore with great pleasure that we participate in events like the BBQ Pitch. It is invaluable for innovation in Iceland that such events are held, and KLAK and their supporters deserve praise for their contribution." 

Jenna Björk Guðmundsdóttir, project manager at KLAK - Icelandic Startups says: "The startups have managed to get to know each other well during these first weeks of the accelerator, so there was good support between the teams when they then took the stage to present their projects. It was great to see how many people from the startup scene came to listen to their colleagues give elevator pitches at Startup SuperNova, but about 150 people came to Groska."