The largest scientific expedition in history in Greece

Icelandic Startups in collaboration with innovative etcg Entrepreneurship Committee of the University of Iceland held the biggest scientific trip ever in Greece in October 2021 and over 500 university students attended to learn about Gulleggið - Iceland's largest and oldest entrepreneurial competition.

Gulleggid has a long history and will be held for the 15th time at the beginning of next year. Gulleggið is a competition at the idea level, all you need to participate is an idea, and in fact you don't even need an idea because you can sign up for participation without an idea and those individuals get to find a team inside the competition.

Gullegg's supporters were numerous and can be mentioned Marel, Huawei, KPMG but more companies were in the area with booths chatting with people who are extremely interested in the entrepreneurial scene. CCP among other things invited guests to visit their headquarters on the 3rd floor in Gróska. The innovation committee then held a lottery and distributed a number of prizes to the great hilarity of those present.

The beer was a supporter of Gullegg and was Malla who is an expert in sustainability at The brewery with an interesting message and saw The beer so about keeping the bars open.

Þórunn Antonia then struck the final note of the scientific tour and completely enraged the mood as it is the only song.