The top 10 chosen in the final competition of Gullegg 2023

The Gullegg final will take place on February 10 in Gróska and will be broadcast live on visir.is.

A review group that includes over 70 experienced people from the business world and the innovation scene reviewed 101 ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs and has now selected the Top 10 that will compete for the Golden Leg 2023.

Gulleggið is the biggest and oldest entrepreneurial competition in Iceland, and many start-ups have taken their first steps there, including Controlant, Meniga and SolidClouds.

Ása María Þórhallsdóttir, Gullegg project manager

"I congratulate the teams for making it through to Gulleggið. It's really exciting to see how diverse the group is and the different ideas behind each team. It's always hard to say no and this year it was extremely painful because the ideas and entrepreneurs were really cool and we encourage people to continue even though we didn't make it this time"

Workshops for the Top 10 teams will begin this weekend and they will go through rigorous training before they take to the big stage in Greece on February 10th. Emphasis will be placed on how they go about starting a business and what factors need to be considered when putting an idea into practice in a successful way.

Aurora Interactive

Dion Duff, Friðrik Snær Tómasson, Halldór Heidberg

"Production of a third-person action adventure video game."

Bambaló babysitting

Anita Ísey, Rebekka Levin

"Bambaló Babysitting (smart app). For Icelandic families who

 need babysitting for one evening now and then without getting

 guilty conscience.”

Better sex

Sigga Dögg, Sævar Eyjólfsson

"Electronic adult sexuality education in English on a streaming service."


Þóra Ólafsdóttir, Donna Cruz

"App to buy, sell, donate or have an auction of your own property in.

 Just as user-friendly and algorithmic as using, for example, Instagram."


Íris Björk Marteinsdóttir,  Ivar Örn Marteinsson

"PellisCol plans to be the first in Iceland to develop a Spa

 skin care products with Icelandic collagen, collagen that is processed


The soap train

Alda Leifsdóttir, Elísabet Halldórsdóttir

"Let's turn garbage into gold. We recycle used frying oil into eco-friendly ones

 luxury soap. The soap train goes around the country, picking up second-hand goods

 oil in restaurants and specially designed soaps for rural areas and parts of the country."


Harpa Hjartardóttir

"Silicone pad intended as a support to stop taking

 nicotine pouch in the lip. Nicotine pads destroy gums and are very


SoFo Software 

Fjölnir Þrastarson, Þórarinn Sigurvin Gunnarsson, Friðrik Örn Gunnarsson
"SoFo is a social network for investors. With SoFo, people can share

 recommendations, followed property and people, and rose to the top."


Davíð Haraldsson, Stefán Ólafsson, Pétur Örn Jónsson, Bryndís Jóhannsdóttir, Hrefna Líf Ólafsdóttir

"A small program where everyone can go through psychological treatments. Software that assists psychologists in providing treatments."

Stitch hero

Þórey Rúnarsdóttir, Marta Schluneger

"Knitting pattern design software."

The Gulleggið entrepreneur competition is held by KLAK - Icelandic Startups and has been held annually since 2008. The purpose is for new ideas to gain traction and experienced entrepreneurs, investors and experts come to the competition every year and provide guidance and feedback. 

The main sponsor of Gullegg 2023 is Landsbankinn, which has been involved in the project from the beginning, but other sponsors include Controlant, Origo, HVIN, Reykjavíkurborg, Hugverkastofa, Advania, Marel, Eyrir Invest, Íslandstofa, Téknisendeväðirsjöðurinn, Crowberry capital, KPMG, Ölgerðin, Brunnur, Kvika eignastilður , Gróska, Frumtak ventures, Vörður as well as the University of Reykjavík, the University of Akureyri and the University of Iceland.