Dafna's harvest festival in Gróska's festival hall

A harvest festival in Dafna was held in Gróska's festival hall the other day in front of a full hall of investors, startups and entrepreneurs. Start-up companies that received the Sprotann og Växt grants from the Technology Development Fund were able to attend workshops and lectures in Dafna, which is a collaboration between KLAK and the Technology Development Fund, which ends with the presentation of projects.

Dafna aims to help startups achieve the goals they have set for themselves after receiving a grant.

Gróska's banquet hall was packed when Halla Tómasdóttir and Andri Snær Magnason, writers and former presidential candidates, reunited to discuss how we can change society for the better. Brought the KLAK duo to discuss the contents of Halla's book, "Hugrekki til hifar sik", in connection with Dafna's harvest festival.