The genius of MIT DesignX

Fifteen companies received grants of ISK 1-5 million from Íslandsbanki's Entrepreneurs' Fund, but a total of 90 applications were received. We are very proud of all the wands received
Cleverness has selected 10 start-ups that all have in common the desire to lead important social changes by using the methodology of innovation and design thinking to
Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution? Is Smart Talk for you? Ingenuity is for projects right from the concept stage. It is important that
Landsvirkjun will be one of the sponsors of Snjallræði, but Kristín Linda Árnadóttir, deputy CEO of Landsvirkjun, signed an agreement with Kristína Soffíu Jónsdóttir, managing director of Klak - Icelandic Startups.