More than 900 people showed interest in the Thread Thon

Entrepreneurs in the textile sector fled to Gróska recently because of a solution meeting entitled Þrádathon. KLAK – Icelandic Startups hosted the solution meeting in collaboration with the Cycle Cluster and the Textile Center with support from the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate. Landspítalinn, 66°Norður, Dive and Sorpa presented the challenges that companies face regarding textile waste and called for solutions to them.

More than 900 people showed interest in the solution meeting, while 60 participants from all over the country tackled the challenges of the companies and many excellent solutions emerged. 

"The circular cluster supports innovative companies in promoting the circular economy and turning waste into resources. It is therefore extremely nice to meet all these wonderful people with a passion for this very thing and to see their wonderful solutions. 

Textiles are one of the large waste streams that have few or poor recycling channels, so innovation is necessary to address the problem. It was nice to see how diverse the solutions were - could support the reduction of the amount of textile that enters the system, slow it down in the system by extending its lifespan and raising awareness, as well as coming up with solutions that, in the end, take what would otherwise have been waste and turn it into a useful product," says Þorbjörga Sandra Bakke, project manager of the Cycle Cluster.

"We at KLAK - Icelandic Startups do our best to be a leading force in the grassroots of the entrepreneurial community, and idea workshops like Thrádathon are a great way to elicit exciting innovative ideas that solve contemporary challenges. There was a lot of interest in this event and the 60 available seats were filled immediately. It is clear that textile waste is on the minds of entrepreneurs. It was also happy to hear that many of those who created a team around a solution have the intention of participating in Gulleggin, Iceland's largest entrepreneurial competition and the flagship of KLAK - Icelandic Startups. There were also several teams interested in applying for a place in Hringiðuhráðilin, which is also managed by KLAK and is based on the concept of the circular economy and is therefore a direct connection to the Thrádathon", says Ásta Sóllilja Guðmundsdóttir, managing director of KLAK - Icelandic Startups. 

The attendance far exceeded expectations, but the registered participants had the opportunity to develop their skills in implementing innovative ideas and work hard to make a project a reality, create a slide presentation and present it to the judges. A panel of judges came from the ranks of the Thrádathon's partner companies, which reviewed in detail all the solutions that were presented. In the end, it was Flöff textile recycling that won first place and the team received a cash prize of ISK 200,000, a gift certificate to Góða Hirðinn, 5 days of accommodation and facilities at the Textile Center in Blöndós, and an auspicious design by Einar Guðmundsson from Góða Hirðinn.

The entrepreneurial team that received a special award from 66°Nóður was The perfect compensation. Awarded for an outstanding idea, Velja was chosen by the judges and received a golden statue of the Thinker from Good Shepherd as a symbolic challenge to the team to continue working on the solution. 

Published on mbl.is 11012024