Gullegg's scientific trip to Gróska on October 28

Gullegg's science trip is almost here, but on Friday, October 28, the Icelandic Startups will blow all the big trumpets in Gróska. 

We encourage everyone to register for Gulleggið, but there is a lot of work to be done, but participation is a very good recognition and a big business - and marketing opportunity.

Don't miss this opportunity and sign up today!

Registration for Gulleggið 2023 is open and you can register until midnight on January 20 - with or without an idea.

Gulleggið is managed by Klak - Icelandic Startups, which has years of experience in training and supporting entrepreneurs in the early stages.

During the implementation of Gullegg, we enjoy the cooperation of close to 100 people every year; experienced entrepreneurs, investors and other experts who meet with the participants during the competition and provide them with guidance and feedback or participate in a focus group whose task is to review the business plans submitted to the competition. This powerful group of people donates their time in order to create value for Icelandic society.

Gulleggið is an entrepreneurial competition at the idea level that has been held since 2008. Gulleggið was moved from autumn to January last year and at the same time considerable changes were made to the competition.

It will continue to be strongly emphasized that this is an idea competition and that the contestants must not have received capital in excess of 2 million ISK or have started to have income from the idea. In addition, the requirement of affiliation with the universities has been waived.