Master class

Now you can register for Gulleggið 2024! Registrations have been opened for Gulleggið 2024 and all those with an idea (or without
The teams in Startup SuperNova: Astrid EdTech, GET Advising, GæðaMeistari, Lóalóa, Modul Work, Revolníu, Skarpur, Soultech. KuraTech and Lykkjustund are missing from the picture. Ten start-ups have been selected to participate in the business accelerator Startup SuperNova
The Startup SuperNova Masterclass, a preparatory course for the business accelerator Startup SuperNova, has never received more registrations. The accelerator is held annually by KLAK Icelandic Startups
800 university students fled to Gróska to learn about Gulleggið, the biggest and oldest entrepreneurial competition in the country, but it will be a record number of university students on a scientific trip. HAPPY
Numerous quality applications have been received in this year's Startup SuperNova and it is finally time to introduce the participants. Next Friday, July 22, will
The Startup SuperNova Masterclass starts at the end of June, so a so-called Mess Night was held, where company founders told about the mess that
Startup SuperNova's mess night will be held on Thursday, June 9, in the Gym & Tonic hall at Kex Hostel from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Emerging initiatives
Registrations for the business accelerator Startup SuperNova have been opened, but this is the third time the accelerator has been run, but it is managed