Entrepreneurship Competition

The Golden Egg final will take place on February 10th in Gróska and live on visir.is. A focus group comprising over 70 individuals from experienced persons
800 university students flew to Gróska to familiarize themselves with Gulleggið, the country's largest and oldest entrepreneurial competition, which will be a record number of university students on a science trip. KLAK
"There's a lot of value in attending events like this, getting to hear experiences from people who were once in the same
Gulleggið has established itself as the country's largest entrepreneurial competition, with the competition taking place since 2007. A number of companies have made their debut
Controlant won Gulleggið in 2009 and now enter as a sponsor of the Golden Egg 2023, the country's largest entrepreneurial competition, thus giving back to the innovation and entrepreneurial community
Gulleggið will blow the big trumpets and throw a party for the first time in Akureyri at VAMOS on November 25th from 20:00 – 22:00 Come on
Over 700 university students are enrolled in the Golden Egg Science Tour held by KLAK – Icelandic Startups and will take place in Gróska next Friday. Gulleggið
The Golden Egg's science tour is coming up, but on Friday 28 October, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee of the University of Iceland and KLAK – Icelandic Startups blow everyone
Advania places greater emphasis on promoting innovation both in-house and by strengthening Icelandic start-ups. The company has become the backbone of Gullegginn, the largest entrepreneurial competition
Gulleggið is an entrepreneurial competition at the concept level that has been held by Icelandic Startups since 2008. Gulleggið is the largest competition of its kind in Iceland and is